Stepparent Adoption in Minnesota

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If you are a stepparent and want to adopt your stepchild, it is possible to do so. The easiest, most straightforward way to do so is when you have the agreement of the biological parent to consent to the adoption. For example, if you are a stepfather and you want to adopt your stepson, the easiest way to do so is if your stepson’s biological father is willing to agree (by signing a consent form) to the adoption. As part of the adoption, the biological parent can still enter into a “Communication and Contact Agreement.” In other words, just because they have consented to the adoption to taking place, the biological parent is not giving up their ability to ever talk to or see the child again.

Cases in which the biological parent is not willing to consent to the adoption are not as straightforward.

If your stepchild is 14 years old, or older, they will also have to consent to the adoption.

Elizabeth Rosar Chermack is a Minnesota Adoption Attorney, with an office in Burnsville, and can represent you in your stepparent adoption.  Call (952) 491-0390 or send an email to to schedule a consultation with Liz.

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